Chefchaouen: Morocco’s Hidden Gem

They call Chefchaouen the blue pearl of Morocco, but for us, it was our little blue oasis in the craziness of our month in this country. We arrived after four full on days in Fes and the blue town rose up against the Rif mountains like water appearing in the desert.

LR EDIT-08130
Chefchaouen’s calming blues worked a treat after a busy few days in Fes!

There are many theories as to why the town of Chefchaouen came to be blue, and we never found out the official reason. Some say it’s to ward off mosquitos while others believe it was Jewish immigrants who painted their homes blue as a symbol for peace. Whatever the real reason, the blue buildings, streets and steps have created a beautiful town that surprisingly few tourists actually travel to visit.

The people in Morocco are a lot more chilled out as well – perhaps because Chefchaouen is the unofficial hash capital of the country, but it was a nice change to not be on guard everywhere you went. At one point I was even talked out of buying something because, we can do it later, according to the shop’s owner.

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 12.20.30 pm
It’s hard to imagine somewhere so peaceful in Morocco

Morocco is known for its maze-like medinas but add a splash of blue and wandering around the streets of Chefchaouen became a lot more fun, although significantly slower to pause for the many, many photo opportunities along the way.

There’s not so much to do in Chefchaouen which also helps make you feel like you can go slower in the city and take life as it comes. We scaled the mountain side to the Spanish Mosque to watch sunset over the city and ventured further out to check out the waterfall nearby, but for the most part we were content to slowly wander the peaceful blue streets of the city and enjoy a break from the business of Morocco.

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 12.21.14 pm
Making friends in Chefchaouen

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