Video: Our Adventures in Iceland

This blogging business is pretty quick and easy – you have an amazing experience, try to capture the moment with as many adjectives and details as you possibly can, and then coerce your lovely boyfriend into shooting and editing as many photos to go with said words as you can.

What takes more time is the slavish devotion Rod pays to capturing that perfect shot, that unique perspective and that extraordinary angle in each location, city and country we visit so that he can combine all of these element with a killer soundtrack, some fancy editing and a few cameos (OK, a LOT of cameos, sorry) from yours truly to create one of his endlessly impressive and infectiously inspiring travel videos.

After a few weeks of editing every moment he has – think trains, hostel common areas, on and around bunk beds, Rod’s finally managed to perfect his short film all about Iceland, and its a doozy. Enjoy!

ICELANDIC MAGIC from Rod Gotfried on Vimeo.


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