Our Big, Crazy Dream

The boy and I decided to travel the world… Five years ago. Back then, we were young, dumb(er) and had more time on our hands than we would ever fully appreciate. But before we could pack our bags and go, we needed to earn money, get careers, climb the ladder – and our paths never seemed to sync up nicely. So last year we said enough, now is the time before our big, crazy dream became just that, something we talked about but never actually did.

In a convenient twist of fate, he turned from science nerd to travel photographer extraordinaire and I’m known for turning a decent phrase – when I’m not using my skills for marketing purposes, overloaded with adjectives like excited, thrilled, innovative and so on (some of our adventures may still be best described by these words so apologies in advance for the PR speak).

So here we are – five years older, somewhat wiser and ready to take on the world. We know we’re not unique, or even particularly brave but we are pretty damn excited to be taking on our big, crazy dream and we hope to be able to share our adventures with anyone who wants to read them (hi, mum) as we go.

We’re officially in the home stretch and will be jetting off soon, so check back in March for exciting updates including, ‘how the f*$k do I fit that in my bag?’ and ‘how many lenses does one photographer need?’. We can’t wait.

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